The 60 -foot court with low compression tennis balls allows 8-10 year old kids to play “real” tennis the way the game was meant to be played.

     Regulation tennis balls tend to bounce too high and travel to fast for the average kid at this age making it difficult to control the ball with any consistency.  Even the advanced 8-10 year olds will compensate by “moon balling” the ball back in forth that will hinder their skill development.  Quickstart Tennis allows kids to drive through the ball using the same groundstroke technique that they will use later when they transition to the full 78-foot court as they get bigger and stronger.

     The 60-foot court also rewards net play.  On the full 78-foot court, kids this age are discourage to get to the net because they can’t adequately cover the width of the court on the “drives” or the length of the court on the “lobs” by their opponents.  The width of the singles court is 21 feet and the doubles court is 27 feet.  The typical player will move up to hit a short ball on the full 78-foot court, and move immediately back to the baseline.  On the 60-foot court, players will be able to hit the short ball and come to the net, knowing their opponent has less width and length to hit their shots into.



Whitlinger Sarsfield Tennis