We believe there is a “right” way of playing tennis. This doesn’t mean there is one technique or style that is right for everybody. We are referring to playing with respect for your opponent(s), showing good sportsmanship and etiquette at all times, and striving for excellence on every point.

We believe that tennis should be “Fun First”. Our drills are designed to minimize waiting and challenges the players with realistic goals to strive for achievement in various cooperation and competitive games. Players should enjoy their winners but “Win with Grace” and “Lose with dignity” on their errors or good play from their opponent.

We believe in a simple step by step progression of fundamental skill development. There are essential components of the strokes that every player should try to master but they should be allowed to find their own individual style to be successful.  Tennis is a simple sport but it is also a challenging sport.

We believe that playing the “right” way of playing tennis enhances their physiological, sociological, and psychological well being throughout their entire life on the court and off.

Whitlinger Sarsfield Tennis